Solutions Overview

Whether you are trying to control costs during a difficult economy or opening additional locations and expanding to new markets, we can help you to achieve the results you need.

Our core business is managing and analyzing your group insurance program. It is equally important to consider programs and processes as they relate your benefits-such as payroll, human resources, benefit administration, compliance, workers compensation & many other ancillary products and services. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients realize maximum return on investment in Human Capital.

Our products and services drive business results and enable you to achieve your company objectives. We offer turnkey, comprehensive solutions that help you attract and retain talented employees, offer competitive employee benefits, reduce administrative tasks, and protect your business.

Group Insurance Services & Consulting


  • Planning & Strategy - Emphasis on Cost Containment
  • Renewal Strategy, Negotiations & Implementation, Renewal Analysis & Reporting
  • Financial Analysis & Underwriting
  • Bid Solicitation Management
  • Plan Implementation, Carrier Coordination, Employee Communications, Open Enrollment
  • Plan Benchmarking
  • Employee Surveys
  • Claim Analytics & Actuarial Services

Ongoing Service & Support

  • Claim Dispute Troubleshooting & Resolution
  • Day-to-day Management & Fulfillment of Client Needs
  • Standard Administraton Package-Single Source
    1. Employee Adds/Deletes/Modifies
      Billing Reconciliation
      COBRA Enrollment/Disenrollment
      Employee Confirmation Statements (At time of enrollment)
      Enrollment Tracking
      Payroll Deduction Reporting & Population
  • Compliance Fulfillment & Administration - We don’t just offer “resources”, we actually fulfill your compliance requirements and perform the necessary administration.
  • On-call Service - Employer & Employee level - Consistent and constant.
  • Customized Employee Communications - Useful, personalized communication that are easy to navigate and highlight the most significant areas for your employees.
  • On-site enrollment orientation and education for employees.

Samples of all of these items are available for review.

Payroll Services

Companies have diverse needs when it comes to managing and administration of their payroll. As a result, we have partnered with a diverse group of payroll providers-including, but not limited to, some of the nations’ largest providers, as well as smaller providers. We analyze each firms needs and processes. In turn, we match the appropriate vendors to these requirements.

In addition, we have partnered with a vendor to create an “in house”. In this instance, we can seamlessly integrate your payroll and benefit administration. Many of the tasks associated with administering your employee benefits are not automatically handled by the payroll/benefits platform. This creates a very efficient, cost-effective environment-many of the labor intensive tasks inherent to benefits administration & payroll, are effectively outsourced to our firm.

Benefit Administration

Our “standard” benefit administration service can be taken to another level. Many of our clients have opted to outsource Benefit Adminstration to IPRG. No more reconciliation of Invoices, multiple enrollment forms, enrollment tracking, multiple checks to carriers. We offer a consolidated billing and administration program where this is outsourced to us!

We perform most, if not all of these functions for your Human Resources staff and employees. Imagine a single entry into payroll and remittance to one vendor for your entire Benefit Management program.

The consolidated billing solution includes:

  • Eligibility Management
  • Add/Terms/Deletes
  • COBRA Administration
  • Consoldiated Billing -ONE billing statement for all carriers.
  • Universal Enrollment Form - ONE enrollment form.
  • Employee Benefit Summary - Customized, easy-to-understand format.
  • Payroll Integration – Enrollment/disenrollment via payroll entry and automatic payroll deduction population for new employees.
  • Personalized Enrollment

Please ask for a demo or examples of this program.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Our relationships with several of the nations’ leading Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) may be an option. Whether you are trying to control costs during a difficult economy or opening additional locations and expanding to new markets, we can help you to achieve the results you need.

A quality PEO can become your Human Resources Department, your Benefits Department, your Risk Management Department, and your Payroll Department all for the cost of a part-time employee. For some businesses, this program is a great fit. Conversely, for others it may appear as such, when in reality, this is not the case.

Entering into and/or exiting a PEO relationship should be approached and evaluated with extreme caution. We perform the arduous task of evaluating and pricing several options for you and getting to the bottom of the “true cost” of this program for your business. In addition, our experience and knowledge in this area is invaluable at implementation or termination.

Other Solutions

It's important to us at IPRG that we can provide our clients with maximum value and resources. As a result, we have the capability to handle insurance needs outside of group benefits. We can provide product, quote and/or a referral to a trusted partner in the following areas:

  • Individual Health Insurance - Please ask us for a quote! CLICK HERE
  • Individual Life Insurance - Please ask us for a quote! CLICK HERE
  • Workers Compensation
  • Financial Planning/Investing
  • Group Retirement Plans
  • Accounting & Tax Services

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