Leadership through partnership and our focus on building a lasting relationship.

Our belief in valuable partnerships began when we were founded IPRG. We are all committed to the success of our clients and partners. Our group of industry veterans uses their knowledge, intelligence, and vision to create opportunities and achieve results that impact our partners and clients both immediately and long term. We look forward to working with you and your team for years to come.

We've become your virtual employee resource center.

With years of solid human resources experience, we understand the needs of your staff and work deligently to make sure those needs are addressed promptly. Communication is our goal.

Your team is our number one priority. We offer various employee educational programs that will keep them on top of their benefits and address any questions that they may have.

Why Choose Us

There are many group insurance providers out there for you to choose from, but why IPRG?

Responsive customer service. Simplified integration of human resource solutions. And most importanly, competitive rates! WIth so many companies to choose from, we continually evaluate our internal processes and offered solutions to ensure that we provide you with our best. We continually strive for quality so that we can provide you with quality. Our service speaks for itself. So why not call us today!

  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Group Payroll & Administrative Services
  • Group Insurance & Benefits Management
  • Employee Educational Programs Available
  • Complete List of National Insurance Carriers
  • Responsive & Knowledgeable Support Services

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